May 6, 2016

Indie Spotlight: War Clicks

A browser based incremental clicking game released by Gamex Studios, War Clicks makes clicking games more social!

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Click to defeat the unending onslaught of enemy tanks, helicopters, and boats!  Select your country to defend her from incoming threats!

Gain in-game boosts by inviting your friends, and compete against the world to gain a spot on the global leaderboards!

Website:  War Clicks


They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so here are a thousand words for your viewing pleasure:

This is an easy way to add a thousand words to my word count.
Its a very simple screen, and I personally find it to look quite nice.

There are a couple more screens, but this is more or less what you will be looking at for 95% of the game.


Nothing special, but it has its good points.  Every time you click on an enemy unit to shoot it, there is a shot sound.  The sounds change up a little, so it isn't all that repetitive.

Also, there are frequently little explosions and other battle sounds in the background to simulate a distant battlefield.  A nice little touch if you ask me, adding just a little more depth and addiction to the mix.

The only music I know of is in the mini-game to refuel your vehicles.


The menus can be a little un-intuitive to look at at first.

Some things are labelled in a way that confuses you, and not everything is immediately clear on what its function is.  They do provide useful tooltips for most things though, so these are quite helpful in understanding the game.

Also, I feel as if the cooldown timers on menu buttons should be permanently visible.  The timers tend to turn on and off, and it doesn't really make any sense for them to ever be off.

At one point I was unsure of how to upgrade my units, as the upgrade button was labeled "Upgrade now!" and I thought it was a button to upgrade to a premium account.



Gameplay is pretty much what you would expect from a clicking game.  You just click... A lot.

This game certainly brings the addiction factor known to be found in clicking games, and it definitely holds your attention; until your fuel runs out of course.

My problem with the fuel dynamic is that these games primarily are addicting and can get you to play for hours on end.  Having to wait 15 minutes to continue playing can kill the momentum and the player's addiction.  There is also a glitch which often makes you wait a few hours to refuel, and this can be frustrating to no end.

Another aspect of the game which I found a little unfortunate is the fact that game progression seems very linear and un-interesting.  Basically you get money, you spend it on making your clicks more powerful, rinse and repeat.  There aren't any other abilities, such as auto clicking, which we find in a lot of other clicking games.  The game is a little too click intensive.  While there should certainly be advantages to clicking, I think there should be other methods to progressing to change things up a little.

There are also global learderboards on which you can compete to get the highest score.

Social aspects of the game seem very limited, despite the game's claim to being a social game.


Glitches galore!

While playing the refueling mini-game, I was experiencing the timer going down a lot faster than it should have been.

Also, the cooldown to play the refuel mini-game can become the same as the cooldown on the defense timer.  The cooldown is only supposed to be 15 minutes, but as you can see, it is 2h 28min:

Something is wrong here...
There are some small graphical issues, but nothing to really complain about.

I encountered some other glitches, but I cannot remember them all at this moment, and it would take a while to list them all.

Refreshing the page will fix certain problems, but others it won't help.

Overall this game is quite glitchy, and some of them can be quite frustrating.


A neat little clicking game which definitely brings the addiction factor, but falls somewhat short with the social aspects it promises.  I am definitely interested in seeing where this game goes in the future.  I know I will be coming back for more!

If you are a fan of clicking games and global leaderboards, you may like to check this one out!

Website:  War Clicks


Unknown said...

It didn't look much at the beginning, but after few winning battles, I got caught into the game.

siguelavozdelcorazon said...

I became pretty adicted to this game actually, I recomend it to anyone who likes clicking games, and also to the ones that dont

Bigbadmoose said...

Great game, the person making the review need to come back and do a update. They fixed most of the problems that are posted in this review. The fuel cool down period is not a major draw back for me. The first couple times i hit it there still other stuff to do in the war zone so i dont notice the time i am waiting.

Bpc1234 said...

Great game. Addictive.

Anonymous said...

I love this game! The game has changed a lot since the rewiew was written. Both graphic and gameplay.